Understanding problems through research and empathy

Earlier in 2015, I studied User Experience Design at General Assembly and learned how user research underpins great experiences. The course gave a great overview of the principles of user centred design and offered a variety of practical ways they can be applied to real projects.

For our final project, we applied what we had learned by developing a digital product that helped solve a problem of some kind. Beginning by conducting research into a problem space through interviews and surveys, we took the insights we discovered and used them to build personas and sketch out possible solution scenarios.

After developing information architecture that was logical and intuitive for our users, and performed card sorting exercises to clarify the taxonomy, we built wire-framed prototypes of our digital products to test on real people. Using the feedback from the usability testing, we made changes to improve our prototypes.

Below is my project, 'Reparo', which is a proposed digital solution to help streamline the way that repairs for rental tenancies are managed for both tenants and property managers.